Water Conservation

Wasting water can have high financial and environmental costs. Studies have shown that the typical Southern California landscape can be overwatered by as much as 50%. In an arid climate with high water costs, this is a significant problem.

Our water conservation technicians will monitor and modify your water delivery systems to make sure you’re not over-watering – wasting water and even harming plants. Harvest can create 100% efficient water delivery systems.

where to buy promethazine with codeine cough syrup If you’re ready to reduce your water consumption even further, our team of horticulturists, botanists and landscape designers can create a drought tolerant landscape that enhances the aesthetic of your property while drastically reducing your water consumption.

For properties seeking LEED® certification, significant water use reductions are an essential component of the process. Our team can guide you through the usage reductions and wastewater recycling steps that will help you on your path to LEED® certification.